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Case Studies

30kW Generator driven by restored Mill Wheel

Eoin wanted to produce electricity to provide heat and light to this large historic flour mill. He decided to restore the millwheel and gear it to drive a 30kW generator. The site had a head of 1.8m and an available flow in excess of 3,000 litres per second.  None of the energy was exported to the Grid as it was decided that it was more economical to offset the building's significant energy needs.

3.5kW Domestic Grid-Tied Hydro Turbine

3.5kW Domestic Grid-Tied Hydro Turbine

Sean currently uses 6900 units of electricity for his rural home supplied by the ESB at a cost of €1516 per annum.  Fortunately Sean's property is bounded by a mountain stream, and he was keen to generate energy from this resource while also ensuring that there would be little or no impact on the ecology of the river or on the visual amenity of the property. 

After studying the site, and taking into account Sean's requirements, MicroHydro recommended a Turgo turbine to operate on a flow of 45 litres per second across a head of 12 meters.  The chosen turbine would operate at a Load Factor of 72% and impact the mean flow of the stream by less than 18%.  In order to safeguard the ecology of the stream the turbine would cease to operate when the stream flow falls below certain predetermined levels, and this would result in no electricity production 20% of the time.

A 3.5 kW Turgo turbine was selected, and of the 21755 units of electricity produced, 4970 units will be consumed while 16780 will be exported to the National Grid.  This will result in a total off-setting of the ESB bill of €1516 and an income of €1260, a total average value of €2786 every year, and save on the annual release of 12.7 tonne of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere,.

This project will have a return on investment in excess of 15% per annum that is safeguarded against inflation, while also providing the security of a reliable clean source of supply.
Sean may in the future use the surplus energy to fuel an electric vehicle, which would result in further significant savings.

10kW 3 Phase Domestic Turbine

William has a stream running through his property and with the significant drop and relatively low flow it is ideally suited to a Pelton turbine.  The domestic connection has been upgraded to 3 phase to facilitate export to the Grid, and of the 55000 units of electricity produced, 8000 are used on site while the remainder will be exported to give a return on investment in excess of 12%.

2kW Domestic Off Grid Waterwheel

Eoin constructed the small overshot waterwheel to provide energy for his remote cottage where there was no alternative source of electricity.  The 2kW of electricity is used to charge an array of deep cycle batteries, with any surplus energy being used for water heating.  The system has been augmented with a 1.5kW Photovoltaic system to provide electricity during times of low flow.
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