Hydrometric Studies and Data Acquisition

Hydrometric Studies and Data AcquisitionAccurate river flow data is essential in designing a successful hydroelectric scheme, and at MicroHydro we have developed an environmental monitoring program that ensures highly accurate site specific data.  

Using this data, we are able to ensure that your hydroelectric system is designed to make optimum use of the resource, while also being confident that it will have no adverse impact on the local environment or the ecology of the river.

While the EPA, the Local Authorities and the Office of Public Works can provide accurate flow data for a limited number of locations, this data may not be suitable to base a feasibility study at the proposed location.  In such cases it would be necessary to collect river flow data over a set period of time. 

Our Hydrometric and environmental monitoring program will provide the data necessary to optimise the design of the hydroelectric scheme, and to provide the baseline data for a necessary ecology study or Environmental Impact Assessment.

If the scale of the proposed development would result in a negligible impact on the flow of the river, then it may not be necessary to gather flow data for the site.

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